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11 Great Reasons to Out-Source Your Business’s Accounting  Thumbnail

11 Great Reasons to Out-Source Your Business’s Accounting

Make it someone else's headache!  Outsourcing a small business’s accounting work can be a very smart choice in many situations.   Here are eleven reasons to consider it:


  1. Removing a headache for the owner/management.   Outsourcing it to a reliable third party means YOU don’t have to worry about making sure staff get it done each month.   You can focus on what you do best.
  2. More timely financial reporting.  Are you getting your financial reports 30 days or more after the end of the month?  Oftentimes by outsourcing you can find opportunities to improve your systems and processes using the latest technology and best practices.  Good quality, timely information allows you to manage your business better.
  3. Get better and more relevant financial info.  An outsourced CFO can help you identify and track key performance indicators (KPI’s).  These are metrics that can help you understand your business better and make more strategic forward-looking decisions.
  4. Anytime, anywhere, any device access.  Outsourcing with a service provider that utilizes modern cloud accounting tools means that you can access your information from anywhere that you have internet access.
  5. No more worrying about knowledge walking out the door.  You don’t have to worry about what would happen if your key bookkeeping staff was to suddenly quit.
  6. Greater depth of knowledge.  When you outsource with a CPA firm that specializes in this type of work you have a much broader skillset and experience base than with just your in-house bookkeeper.
  7. Digital workflows for accounting info.   Creating a paperless, digital system to replace your current manual one can speed up processes and eliminate paper pushing.
  8. Enhanced data security and disaster recovery protection.  Cloud based solutions with appropriate security measures in place can help protect your data from disasters.  
  9. Ability to scale easier.  As you grow the services that you outsource can grow with you.   You don’t have to worry about outgrowing the ability of your current staff or processes.
  10. There's no more HR and turnover costs with accounting staff anymore.  That’s someone else's problem.
  11. Confidential financial model.  In many cases the business owner may not want an in-house bookkeeper that knows all about owners’ financial situation.  Outsourcing this means that it can stay confidential to all of your in-house staff.

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